With the vision that the program will be taken to the last mile, women from those very same communities and villages have been identified and trained on the mechanism, conception (read misconception), and prevalent practices of menstrual hygiene, to help them learn about the hazards of those practices. These trainings were intended to create a better understanding of the practices and usage of environment and health-friendly material to secure both the ecosystem within and outside ones’ body. The trainings furnished the Digital Didis’ with an understanding which would help them to embark on the journey of changing themselves and their society by dispensing knowledge and a better alternative in form of SmartPad which could replace the synthetic, chemical-laden, commercial sanitary napkins that is becoming the cause of numerous women-centric health issues. Trainings are anticipated to undo the effect of Commercials and Advertisements which has expedite the usage of polymer-made sanitary pads, alongside constructing a pool of knowledge which will help people to consciously decide for themselves.