Digital Didi program is an initiative which is compounding on the HealthSoochanpreneurs and make entrepreneurs out of them by making provision for them to sustain their livelihood. This aspect is covered by the introduction of a product i.e. SmartPad. This SmartPad is produced by Digikargha, an organization working with weavers and women to deviate in their way an opportunity of livelihood by bringing them work. The SmartPad is also produced by women weavers imparting them livelihood, and in furtherance of the program, it is also given to HealthSoochanpreneurs to create a demand for a more healthy and beneficial. With the creation of demand, the HealthSoochnapreneurs or Digital Didi will become the go to person for any menstrual issues, as well as the only seller/provider of the SmartPad. With the sale of every pad, these women will earn a profit. And to add more facilitation, they can order it online, have it dispatched to their address, and carry on with their entrepreneurial model from the comfort of their home, without having to go anywhere or invest any amount on the set-up.