Menstruation is a reality since the inception of humanity, and from them onwards it has been viewed as a womens’ problem, that has nothing to do with men. Keeping up with this gendered biasing, women have been at the receiving end of all the baton emanating from the stories/myths cultivated around menstrual practices, leaving them with little or no choice of breaking away from the drawbacks associated. No one sees menstruation as a natural phenomenon which is deeply responsible for the existence of humanity. The program Digital Didi, is taking a step in this direction to reach out with the message that menstruation is not a concern that is solely women-oriented, rather a condition which should be cherished and discussed to eliminate the problems that may be encircling it. The program identifies that we have come so far as a society in terms of technological advancements and civilization, but menstruation is still a topic that has not garnered the attention which would ensure support to women and girls. In the program, awareness sessions are conducted with community and village women to burst the myths that have circled them through the years and have been enjoined with their identity as a women since generations to overcome the restrictions imposed to curb the patriarchal mindset of the society which belittles the role that women play in the society. The program is one initiative undertaken to straighten the viewpoint of the society towards problems that may arise due to ignorance towards menstrual health, and that it is not an area to whisper but concern to address.