The Digital Didi Program was launched to create an entrepreneurial opportunity for women hailing from last mile. For the same, women were provided with a goods capital i.e. SmartPad, to facilitate the initiation of business at their respective villages/communities. The infrastructural support was meant to help them create customers for themselves, who will in future enable them to stabilize their income. Furthermore, a website/online portal was to be created to ensure the minimization of interference of the organization and the people running the program to an extent where the Digital Didis’ do not have to rely upon anyone to acquire SmartPads to run their business. They will be able to access the online portal and request the on-demand delivery of Smartpads to their doorstep without having to go through any other person. The online portal is to make the accessibility direct and instill in them a sense of independency where their work will not have to wait for anyone, and they are able to order as per the need of their customers and available finances.